The Blogger Returns

Ok, I took a day off from blogging last night. I got wrapped up in a sewing project for class this week and didn’t get a post written. That’s okay though. There wasn’t a lot to report.

My adventures began bright and early yesterday morning, at 6 a.m. I was super excited to go check out the tide pools, and the ‘net indicated that the Cape Perpetua Visotor’s center had a good trail with which to start. I had seen awesome pictures of what people had found, and I just knew I was going to find some awesome things for myself! Well, turns out, not so much. I hiked for awhile, only to realize that I was on the wrong trail, headed inland instead of out to the coast. D’oh! It was really pretty, though.

So I hiked back to the trailhead and tried another trail. This time, I got the right one. It was an overcast, cool morning and the shoreline was shrouded in fog. I found lots of little tidepools, but I guess they we too close to shore. I was hesitant to venture farther out onto the rocks alone…given my natural grace, the slippery rocks, and oh yeah, the OCEAN…it just didn’t seem all that wise.



I hope these people had better luck than I did!


I did manage to spot one piece of wildlife to photograph…


Ha! I hiked back to the car, disappointed, but happy to have 2.5-3 miles of hiking done for the day. I stopped to read the signpost near the parking lot before I left, in case the visitor’s center was hosting something I thought I’d like to see. Turns out, maybe I should have read it first, before I wandered into the woods alone.


I spent the afternoon at the beach, and the evening working on a sewing project for later this week. This morning, I packed up my things and left my little ocean retreat. Of course, I stopped and took some pictures along the way- it’s gorgeous there!




My last stop on the coast was at the sea lion caves. Apparently, this is the only rookery for this type of sea lion all along the Pacific coast. It was an interesting stop, even if it did feel “touristy.” The cave was dark and stinky, but to be able to hear the sea lions was amazing. They make really loud noises. Some sound like grunts, some are squeaks, and still others sound like moos. I have some inside and outside shots of them.







From there, I drove about 5 hours to Bend, OR. I took a dip in the pool, tried trout and marionberry cobbler for dinner, and am now tucked away, anxiously anticipating the pet portrait class tomorrow.

Drowsing under western skies (that I can see through the skylight!),