The Emergence of “Da Frank”

I’ve survived the first quilt class of the week here in Oregon. And I’m pleased to say that I did just fine! The information I gained during the last class really helped with this one, though the actual fusing technique is different.

These are a couple of my instructor’s designs:




It starts with a line drawing of the photo, which is then enlarged onto butcher paper. You can see some of the other subjects in the pictures below.



These images are mirror images of the actual photos we sent the instructor. It was our job not only to recreate the picture, but to also transpose it. Good times!

Te next step was to color code our drawings to determine where dark, medium, and light shaded fabrics were needed. The colors were just for coding, so they didn’t need to be realistic. Meet Technicolor Frank:


The we traced and created pattern pieces on fusible web. Fusing and cutting takes a LONG time. The were just the dark brown pattern pieces.


After you have it all cut, then you start working on sections. I started with his tail, then worked forward.


The rest of it is like doing a big jigsaw puzzle: connect, press, overlap, connect, press, etc. eventually, you get to a finished project. Here’s a couple from class:





Wait! Did you see that? I FINISHED!!


I was pleased. I thought it was a good likeness of “da Frank.”




Is it perfect? Nope. Am I really learning what I set out to learn through this grant experience. Definitely. Am I loving every moment of it? You betcha!

The last two days, I’ve left class mentally exhausted. Good thing the house I’m staying in has pool access. I’ve been working on finishing a novel while sitting or standing in the cool water. Rough stuff.

Tomorrow’s a date with a Bengal tiger quilt…grrr……

Basking in the sunset under western skies,