Cue Willie Nelson….

‘Cuz I’ve been “on the road again!” Corny, I know. But that’s been the theme of the last two days-lots of time spent on the road, driving from central Oregon to the east edge of Idaho. It’s farther than one might think.

I started out the day yesterday (Sunday) packing up the car and heading out.


I drove for several hours on U.S. 20- yep, the western end of the same highway that runs through Angola. Oregon really flattens out, and becomes a vast, open space filled with scrubby shrubs. Not terribly scenic…


I ended up in Boise last night. After asking the hotel desk clerk for a recommendation, I headed into downtown Meridien, Idaho to Bardenays. It’s a local distillery that has good food. It was pretty neat inside- the bar was huge, the kitchen was open, and the distillery equipment was much like what you would see in a brewery.




I decided to try their lemon vodka in a huckleberry lemon drop drink. Tasty!

I got a good night’s sleep last night, knowing I had another long day of driving today. I headed out into the hot sun, in search of the Moon….

South and east of Boise, the landscape starts to get more scenic- lots of hills and some really dark soil. The dark soil makes sense, if you know about the area’s past volcanic activity. The only green I saw was around rivers…you can always tell where water is…



I eventually arrived at the moon. Craters of the Moon National Monument, near Arco, Idaho. This area looks unreal. On one side, you have the smaller starts of the Rockies, on the other side, it’s giant lava fields. It really does look like a lunar landscape- stark and alien.





I hiked a couple of the shorter trails, trying to absorb the contrast in the scenery. It was something to see! There are some hardy plants and trees that have found ways to survive in the barren landscape.


After leaving Craters of the Moon, I headed for tonight’s stop- Idaho Falls. My room actually overlooks the falls, created by the Snake River. It’s quite pretty.



Tomorrow it’s back to Bozeman, in search of some different wildlife. Have you seen them recently?


Listening to the falls under western skies,