Grand Teton National Park

South of Yellowstone sits its sister park: Grand Teton. The change in topography within the span of 20 miles is mind-bending. Yellowstone is hills and curves; the Tetons are tall peaks and sharp angles. Another difference: you traverse THROUGH the hills of Yellowstone, but you travel ALONG the edge of the Teton mountains. If you speak French, you may already know what the term “Tetons” refers to…if not, you’ll have to look it up. 🙂


Our first stop of the morning was at the Jackson Lake Lodge. The best work I can think of to describe this hotel is magnificent, but even that word hardly does it justice. You enter the lobby at the grind floor level, then climb a single flight of stairs into a sitting area that showcases the floor to ceiling windows that overlook the meadows and mountains beyond. It was truly breathtaking!


Capturing the view from inside didn’t work too well because of backlighting issues, but this is essentially the view. I took it from just outside the hotel.


We ate breakfast there at a diner style counter. But unlike most places, this counter was continuous and filled the entire room. Very cool!


With happy tummies, we went back to admiring the view. There were animals all over in this meadow. We saw mostly elk, but did spy a female moose ducking in and out of the brush. I think moose may be camera shy- she eluded my camera!


We made one last stop at the activities desk to schedule a trip on a scenic raft float. We loaded up and headed it to the Snake River, eventually pushing off at the landing where Ansel Adams took his famous photo of the Grand Tetons.


It was a picture perfect day to spend on the river. Sunny, warm, and just a little breezy. I am happy to say we all looked stunning in our life preservers!



A couple of hours later, we returned to the lodge, having spied a bald eagle and some pronghorns on our river ride.


We headed for a short boat ride on Jenny Lake, then onto Teton Village. Unfortunately, our options were sort of limited in Teton Village, as many of the shops and restaurants closed early. We settled on The Alpenhof. You guessed it- Swiss/German food. Personally, I was thrilled! Mom had a brat, dad tried the burger, as for me- Jagerschnitzel mit Rotkohl und Spaetzle. (Pork loin with red cabbage and Spaetzle- a noodle). Mmmm….

By this time, the sun had set and it was time to head back to the cabin. I offered to drive, and we took the “shortcut” road back…8 miles of white-knuckle death trap road. Yeah, never again!

Our day in the Tetons was great….such a beautiful place!

Rafting under western skies,

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