The Dynamic Duo Tackles Yellowstone

Thursday morning dawned bright and clear in Yellowstone. The plan for the day was to see the “highlights” of the park we hadn’t seen the day before. It was just dad and I that day- mom opted to skip the mountains in favor of a quiet day at the cabin. We assured her we’d be back in probably six hours….good thing she knows us well. It was more like 9 1/2 hours!

Our first stop of the day was at Virginia Cascades. It was a smaller waterfall that we had spotted heading to our cabin the night before.


After that, we spied Kepler Falls. Here’s a picture of my dad and me with the falls behind us.


From there, it was onto Old Faithful. As we came around the last turn before the road to the getser, we could see the steam indicating that it had just gone off. So, we opted to have brunch at the Old Faithful Inn. This lodge was beautiful and very rustic. By the time we had our meal, it was time for Old Faithful to go again. Dad and I got a kick out of listening to people cheer every time little burbles of steam or water shot up. Eventually, they really got to cheer when Old Faithful finally went off!


We went on around the circle of road that makes up Yellowstone. On the far northeast corner of the park, we came upon a number of vehicles doing crazy things in the roadway. This usually signals one thing: wildlife.

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, I hopped out of the car and headed toward where all of the two-legged creatures were watching and pointing- yep, it was a bear! I tried taking several different pictures. Of course, the first couple of shots are of the bear’s backside. It seems that’s what the animals always give me…their bums. But I did finally manage to get a side profile shot.


Once the “bear jam” cleared up, we we on our way through some high, rugged country. It was beautiful, especially since I wasn’t the one driving! As is always common in the summer, we encountered ROAD CONSTRUCTION. Few things get the adrenaline pumping like driving high mountainside roads in a single lane with no guard rails. I think dad was more than happy to give up the wheel after that.

We made a couple of stops at more lodges. That meant snacks and gift shops-two of my favorite things! Check out this coke machine…they don’t look like this in Indiana!


In the gift shop, I found ornaments made from bison poo…..crack me up! I didn’t buy any-but I sure wanted to!


We headed back to the cabin. Mom was glad to see us. We piled into the car again to hunt up some dinner. Since our cabin say one the road between Yellowstone and Grand Teton park, we headed south. Along the way, we found a sign that read “Marina-Pizzeria.” Apparently when services are scarce, one multitasks. We checked it out, and enjoyed great pizza while overlooking the shores of Jackson Lake. It was even sunset, since we can’t seem to eat dinner before 9:00 out here. It was a perfect end to a great day! Friday, we were on to Grand Teton National Park…more about that in another post.

Wildlife watching under western skies,

One thought on “The Dynamic Duo Tackles Yellowstone

  1. You have more restraint than I do. I ended up coming home from Alaska with a “poo” ornament – mine was moose rather than bison, but it brings back good memories when I hang it on the tree (it is painted in festive Christmas colors)!

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