Yellowstone, Unplugged

I am almost a week behind on blogging! Yikes! I’ll do a post tonight, and try to catch up over the next couple days…

Last Tuesday night, I met up with my parents in Bozeman…yeah! I was very happy to see them.

On Wednesday, I took the rental car back to the airport with a mere 4,033 miles more on its odometer than it had when I picked it up 4 weeks before. I love unlimited mileage!

From there, we headed south to the gateway to Yellowstone. We entered the park through Roosevelt arch at the north entrance.



Finally in America’s first National Park, we stopped in Mammoth Springs for a bite to eat in the dining hall. It was beautiful!



Then it was on to the west side of the park. We were in search of the 2Ws…waterfalls and wildlife. We didn’t get far before we saw our first critters. In fact, we didn’t even get to the parking lot! There was a herd of elk wandering through Mammoth Springs!

Very cool to see. We then headed south along the west end of the park to the actual springs. They are really interesting, as they steam even in the 80+ degree heat. However, the smell of sulphur is enough to make you’s so strong.


It wasn’t too long until we had our next two wildlife encounters-both with bison. We passed one just standing in the middle of a clearing alone. That’s something I noticed a lot throughout the days in the park- lots of these animals seem to be loners. I guess I thought they always followed a “herd” mentality.


We went to the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” area of the park and met the second bison of the day..he was just hanging out on the side of the men’s restroom building…apparently he needed to make a pit stop as well.



The Grand Canyon area was magnificent. It had waterfalls, a stream, and of course, sheer cliff faces. We were there after the sun began to set- and the canyon seemed to glow with the rays of the sun. GORGEOUS!



After a long day of exploring, we decided to cool off with a tasty treat…huckleberry ice cream!



We headed to the park’s south entrance and located out cabin. It held a few surprises for us…no tv, radio, air conditioning or wi-fi connection. It had running water and indoor plumbing, but otherwise..RUSTIC.

So, no posts. More Yellowstone to come soon!

“Reconnected” under western skies,

One thought on “Yellowstone, Unplugged

  1. Yellowstone is such an amazing place. Glad you are finding some waterfalls and wildlife (besides your parents) to enjoy!

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