Get Your Inner Wonky On!

I finished the week of classes here in Oregon with modern quilt designer Elizabeth Hartmann. She was my instructor yesterday, too. Today’s class was on an improvisational piecing technique she called “mod mosaic.” In the quilting world, the term”wonky” is used to describe seams that go crooked. Our pieces today were meant to be purposely crooked. It sort of goes against everything I know about seams as a quilter, but it ended up being pretty fun!

Here’s a photo look at the steps:

Cut a pile of rectangular and square shapes; arrange.


Put together using a white sashing.



Join pieces and create bigger blocks.


Here’s a close up shot:


Pretty wonky!

I have really enjoyed the classes here this week. As a quilter, they’ve really stretched me to try new things and to think more deeply about fabric as art. It’s pretty exciting! I can’t wait to finish these projects when I get home and get started on the others that I have running around in my mind!

Tomorrow is the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival. I’ll post more about that tomorrow- it should be something to see!

Wonky under western skies,

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