Piecing It All Together

I’m going to start tonight’s post with a couple of seemingly random observations. I’ve been meaning to share them for a week, but I keep forgetting….

Did you know?

1). Montana and Oregon have NO sales tax.
2). Every gas station in Oregon is a full-service station. It is against the law here to pump your own gas. Very, vey odd.
3). Today, the odometer showed that I have put 3000 miles on the car. 🙂

So, since two days have passed since my last post, I have competed one quilt top and just barely started another….I love the method, but it is time consuming.

Yesterday, I spent the day in class with instructor Rob Appell. He is the antithesis of everything you may think about a man who sews….he’s a surfer, plays guitar, skateboards, rocks Shaun White-esque hair, is married and has two kids, and, oh yeah, is a fabric artist and quilt designer. He was amazing. His passion is the environment, particularly the sea. He also is a conservationist who has donated over $13000 from his sales to wildlife groups.

Here’s a few of his pieces:



Yesterday, we worked on endangered species wall hangings.

I apologize in advance that my picture-taking seems to be slipping. I get engrossed in a project and forget to snap pictures. For this project, we followed a pattern and added pieces to a piece of plain gold fabric.

Here kitty, kitty…

Last night, I had dinner with a couple of new friends. Teri and Carolyn, if you’re reading this, thanks for inviting me! Then it was off to hear about Melinda Bula’s journey to becoming a fabric artist. Before they let her speak, they introduced the instructors and let them share a piece of their work. I’ve included a couple of really interesting ones. You start to get a sense of how diverse the art quilt world can really be.





Today, I spent the day with a young quilt artist, Elizabeth Hartman. She’s probably a couple of years younger than I am. I am also doing a project with her tomorrow. It’s kind of fun to round the week out with “modern” quilts as opposed to what is considered traditional patchwork. We worked on a pattern called “The Honey Quilt.” It’s triangles sewn into half-hexagons, then made into strips. Sew the strips together, and you start to get this:

Pretty fun and funky! And yes, I picked those colors…and yes, I realize they “look like me.” I can’t help it…I love those colors!!

Tonight I came back to the poolhouse after class to float around and read. This week has been mentally tiring. I decided tonight was just for relaxing. It’s been a wise choice. Here’s my little piece of heaven:


Now I’m sitting outside listening to birds and watching the shadows creep across the patio. They have some stunning sunsets. I love the peacefulness of the evening, and also the colors the sky as the day transitions to night. This was a couple nights ago, right here by the poolhouse:


Peaceful under western skies,

3 thoughts on “Piecing It All Together

  1. Wow! Your experiences and quilting efforts continue to amaze me. I really appreciate the blogs of your adventures.

  2. That was full of information and beautiful quilts!! Meeting the people you have will be such an unforgettable experience. Thanks again for sharing, for me it is like being with you and enjoying the ride, almost. Be safe and enjoy, prayers continue your you.

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